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Spanish group two beautiful girls Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola - one of the world's most popular duo in the late 70's! Mayte was born on 7th of February (Logrono), Maria on 4th of April (Madrid).
Baccara's career started in 1977. Mayte, graduated as a teacher from the "Royal Spanish Academy for Arts, Drama and Dance" in Madrid, was selected to join the Spanish TV's Ballet Company and perform with them for several years. There she met Maria. The two of them decided to quit the ballet company and start working independently with their own show program. By accident -- or actually more because of a mistake -- they got sent to a night club as their first engagement. They sang and danced with all their heart and soul, but a week later they were asked to leave. "-Too elegant", was the commentary of the night club owner.
But Mayte and Maria didn't give up, they believed in themselves and in their success. They found a stage for themselves in the "Tres Islas" hotel on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura. Very soon, their energetic and lively show program had become the absolute highlight of the evening. "But we also performed classic flamenco pieces", Mayte remembers, "Since 90 percent of the guests were from Germany. And they loved to see the flamenco pieces." Maria and Mayte were performing flamenco and singing traditional Spanish songs in cabarets for tourists.
And so did the employee of the RCA record company in Hamburg, now BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH. Leon Deane was so fascinated by the show on January 17th, 1977 that he spontaneously invited Mayte and Maria to come to Hamburg. Roughly a month later, the two arrived in Hamburg for first rehearsals with German composer/producer Rolf Soja. The bosses at RCA were so swept away by their talent and their voices that only six days later their first single, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" was recorded. The Girls officially started to work as Baccara.
Baccara participated in the 8th edition of the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival -Tokyo - November, 11th, 1977, representing then West-Germany with the song "Mad in Madrid ". In 1978  Mayte and Maria were represented Luxembourg during Eurovision Song Contest in Paris, France - "Parlez-vous francais", position: 7.
Baccara also released a SP with a German version of "One, Two, Three, That's Life" called "Eins plus eins ist eins" - for the UNICEF "Year of The Child" in 1979.
Then, in 1981, things started to go wrong. Their new single "Sleepy Time Toy" had to be called back from the retailers, because Maria complained about her voice being underrepresented. Maria got a lawyer to represent her claim against the record company. She wanted the final mix to be changed. "I was really baffled and didn’t know what was going on", says Mayte. "Because it was my voice that had carried Baccara for most of the time. And that's the way it had been for years."
But it became more and more clear that there was no hope for a resolution with the record company and they stopped their collaboration with producer/composer Rolf Soja. Baccara recorded a single "Colorado" and a fourth album, "Bad Boys" with another production team. Both records flopped. By then, Mayte & Maria decided to go separate ways.
The End was in Year 1981 of Baccara.
Baccara, the cult duo of the 1970s from Spain, is singing again! Mayte Mateos is back with a new partner - and a lot of power! Paloma Blanco (ex-member of the Spanish group "La Decada Prodigiosa) is the new partner of Mayte.
In eariy 1999, negotiations between BMG and Baccara 2000 began, the first recording sessions in the Hamburg studios were scheduled for April. Baccara 2000 has developed a completely new sound which outshines the sound of the seventi es by far.
Now their journey once again have begun to the top of the international charts. BACCARA have today a lot of fans all over the worid and are constantly performing around the globe. Baccara performed the song "Soy tu Venus" in 2004 Swedish Eurovlsion Song Contest and even though they didn't make it to the finals. Baccara's performance was a huge success.
27th June 2008 is the new album "Satin ... In Black & White" in the trade.

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